Small Groups

We believe that developing a true sense of community is crucial to being a Christian. We all have “friends” – someone that hangs out with you, does lunch with you, watches the game with you.  But how many of these “friends” KNOW you?  I mean really KNOW you?  How many of these “friends” will pray for you and with you?  Help point you to the Savior, when you can’t seem to find Him?  Community Group starts out with “friends,” but if you are willing to become transparent then you will gain a lifelong friendship grounded in the Word of God.  These friendships help build a stronger church where true authentic christian community grows.

We offer small groups for people of ALL ages and at various times. Here are the options:

Sunday Morning Small Groups– These groups are OPEN groups (meaning anyone can come, at any time). They meet in our various church classrooms on Sunday mornings from 9:15am-10:15am. We offer small groups for infants all the way through senior adults. When you come into our church, ask one of our greeters for help finding the right group for you!

Home Small Groups – These groups are usually CLOSED (meaning that you do not add additional people for a decided amount of time). They meet mostly out of the church at a time that is convenient for all of the members. They study the bible, serve and do-life together on a more intimate level.

We start new Home Small Groups in the Fall (August) and Winter (January).  Individual groups set up the best meeting time, day of the week, and course of study for their group.  Groups can study books of the Bible or approved topical books or video series.  For more information contact us using the contact information on our home page.